Guess who’s back…

Hello again!

Three months ago, long time readers may remember I wrote saying I was taking a break from the blogosphere. As much as I have missed writing, it was the right thing to do.

Back in June, I’d been job hunting for six months. I’d been for countless interviews and applied for even more. I was looking after Baby Girl full time and I just wasn’t enough to keep her stimulated anymore. If I wasn’t showing signs of leaving the house by 8:30am, she’d throw shoes at me, bang on the front door and if all else failed, just throw a complete wobbler. The day we had to wait in for four hours for the man to fix our boiler was a dark day… Add into that maintaining the blog as well and I felt like there was no time left for me – let alone the Other Half.

I wasn’t in a great place; I was tired, overwhelmed and to be honest, I was quite down. And that didn’t produce my best work.

What I needed was some quiet time, some space to just be a mum and a girlfriend for a bit, to focus on what was important. And if possible, even find some time for me.


Baby Girl’s been sending subtle hints it’s time to get back to what I love…

So, three months on, do I feel rested? Umm, no, I’m still a Mama to a toddler with more energy than I knew was humanly possible. But I have found my balance again. And I’ve even found a job.

The break away also reminded me how much I enjoy blogging and how proud I am of Bump, Baby & Me and what I’ve achieved here. I created this blog the evening of our twenty week scan nearly two years ago. The OH & I were still coming to terms with an unexpected pregnancy, figuring out what type of parents we wanted to be, where we were going to live… the list went on. The blog was a way for me to figure out and celebrate this alternate life path. And it has done that beautifully.

But our family has changed considerably since then. Baby Girl is no longer a fuzzy bean shaped splodge on a screen. The OH & I have pulled together in a way, to be honest, we didn’t know we had in us. And with seven Grandparents (age 47 to 68), three Great-Grandmas (72 to 102!), a ten year old Uncle and an eight year old Auntie, we felt as though Bump, Baby & Me didn’t really do us justice.

So, while I am hugely proud of Bump, Baby & Me, it’s time for a change. Something to reflect our family, our lives and what we’re about a little more clearly. And so I’d like to introduce you to the new us:


I am so excited about Finding Our Feet. It’s been in development a little over a month. An old friend of mine from school has created the branding for me, bringing my vision to life beautifully (thank you a million times over Fifi!!) while I’ve been tapping away at my keyboard.

The new blog will focus on our slightly unusual, completely non-nuclear 21st century family dynamic, our highs and lows, our learnings, and the funny stories along the way, as well as the Baby Girl tales you’ve come to know and love, product and service reviews and plenty of photography from the OH and I.

Bear with me this week while I set everything up. The blog may be down for a few days while URLs switch over, new graphics go up and some other techy bits but rest assured we’re back and we’re here to stay.

Thank you again to everyone who has read Bump, Baby & Me over the past two years. I am forever humbled by your comments both on the blog and it’s social channels. I hope you’ll enjoy the new path we’re following and join us at