Weaning Roundup: Stage 3

With Baby Girl’s first birthday came the end of Stage 3 – and arguably, the end of weaning. *gasp*

She’s now a toddler & can eat most things. But before I get ahead of myself, here’s what we thought of stage 3…

By nine months, weaning fun is well & truly underway. Stage 3 sees your baby starting to eat proper food (minus the salt & sugar content – read more about this in my Stage 2 Roundup), experiment with even more interesting flavours and start to learn to feed his or herself.

By now, your baby should be comfortable with finger foods & able to join in with more family meals. And if your baby is refusing certain foods, don’t loose hope; research shows the more times you expose a child to a food the more likely he or she is to eat it.

Baby Girl likes to keep all her bases covered

It’s worth noting that milk is still a main staple of your baby’s diet at this stage. Baby Girl, however, started refusing bottles during the day around ten months in favour of a snack. I decided to trust Baby Girl & gave up trying with the bottles as she liked her food and I made sure she got a balanced diet that included a range of vitamins and veggies. She seems happy & healthy, so I’ve not made too much fuss but this may not be right for everyone. We still have her 7pm feed of 7oz – I think it’ll be a while before she gives that up!

We also made the conscious decision not to give Baby Girl juice due to the sugar content and she only has water with her meals. But some articles you read suggest giving babies milk in a sippy cup with their meals during this stage.

Finally, keep in mind that from around this age (& thanks to Leap 8) you are now, officially, a role model. So watch your table manners. How you act at the table will start to inform your baby’s behaviour…

Baby Girl’s favourites:

  • IMG_0353-0Porridge!! (at long last)
  • Fruit in general but especially strawberries, bananas, raisins & grapes (no longer need to be cut up, just give them to her whole)
  • Pears (but only when given whole to eat herself; if you chop it up, she’ll refuse it)
  • Daddy’s homemade Spag Bol
  • Oragnix Goodies oat bars
  • Baked cod given as flakes she can eat herself
  • Put anything with spaghetti and I was pretty much onto a winner!
  • Sweetcorn Fritters*
  • Scrambled eggs with chopped courgette and chopped cherry toms in it
  • Lactofree cheese sandwiches (in fact, anything with cheese)

*beware: sweetcorn has very little nutritional value and also makes a very ‘whole’ appearance in diapers later that day… delightful…


  • Any pouch or jar whatsoever – she’ll eat them, but only if there’s nothing else on offer

Complete refusal: 

  • Fish pie
  • Tuna pasta
  • Museli
  • Peppers

Sometimes, you just have to let it happen…

Note: Stage 3 coincides with Wonder Weeks Leap 7, when babies learn to manage a flow of events, such as using a spoon to feed themselves and Leap 8, when spontaneous temper tantrums begin to make an appearance. It can make meal times a struggle, especially as your baby gets frustrated they can’t feed themselves and food ends up everywhere. But hopefully you’re getting used to it by now. Enjoy!




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