The Wonder Weeks: Leap 8

We really need to stop organising holidays during leaps. How haven’t we learned this yet!?

As I mentioned the other day, we were staycationing at my in-laws’ this week while they were away. And last Saturday, not only did our holiday begin, but also Leap 8. Oh yippee…

By now, we know the signs. Baby Girl is fussy, clingy, whingy, nothing’s right, often she goes off her food & sleep patterns go awry… It’s a real joy.

The Wonder Weeks app states:

Again you will see the same leap behaviour as before but in a subtly different way. Your child will still be clingier while making this leap and will still protest when you leave. But now, it is somewhat more sophisticated because your child wants to be in control…

What it should really say is:

With just three weeks until your baby’s first birthday, Leap 8 is the unofficial initiation into Toddlerhood. Brace yourselves. Because shit’s about to get real. You thought the last year was tough? You ain’t seen nothing yet…

Leap 8 is all about programs; recognising that a sequence of events (Leap 7) is classed as a single event (a program). The app’s example is washing dishes:

  1. Put dirty plate under the water
  2. Move sponge over dirty plate
  3. Place plate in the wrack to dry

= Washing the Dishes

Apparently your baby “loves to help you with such tasks,” which the Other Half is very excited by as he rather enjoys cleaning & he hopes to pass on such traits in Baby Girl. (Odd ball, I know.) I on the other hand am not so excited as this means I’ll actually have to do the dishes & the dusting. Woe is me.

After Leap 8 Baby Girl will be able to:

  • signal she wants to go out by bringing us her coat & hat
  • grab the clothes she wants to wear today
  • put things back in the closet where they belong (Hallelujah! Definitely no signs of this yet though.)
  • choose a CD to listen to (as we don’thave CDs in our house, I’m interested to see how this may manifest itself… Tap the icon on the iPad?)
  • can ‘make a drawing’ if you show her how to use a pencil and paper
  • gives Dolly a bath
  • invents imaginary ways in which she drives a car (again, as we don’t have a car this isn’t something she sees very often. I wonder what this means for this skill. She already loves pushing the pushchair around herself, either with me holding her or just round the hall on her own!)
  • examines how Mama & Daddy complete a program such as cooking, eating or putting on make up.

Now I can be just like Daddy!

We are now officially role models. Everything we say (damn… oops…) and do, Baby Girl is watching closely to learn from. Playing with ‘real items’ such as a tea set, pretend knife & fork, baby’s vacuum or other items she may recognise from around the house can apparently help her piece all these programs together.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve already seen the fruits of Leap 7 coming together. She now holds her toy phone to her ear or more adorably, when I answer the phone, her hand flies to the side of her head to copy me, even if she’s not got her own phone to hand! She’s able to use a spoon herself, though messily & is really into the pointing. In particular, she points at the snack drawer a lot…

So to encourage Leap 8’s skills, this weekend I’m buying a baby sized broom. If she loves household activities so much, she might as well be of use in the meantime.

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