The Wonder Weeks: Leap 7, AKA, slap in the face

I’m having flashbacks to the nightmare that was Leap 4.

Only this time, Baby Girl is 9 months old, has even stronger lungs to scream with, is sick if she cries for long periods of time & is able to stand. Which after bedtime is how we find her probably 50% of the time, holding onto the side of her cot like the world is coming to an end. Which pretty much kills even the tiniest hope that she might just fall asleep unwittingly.

Leap 7, ‘Sequences’, is a biggy. It’s all about understanding & mastering a flow of events. For instance:

  1. grab handles of sippy cup
  2. lift sippy cup
  3. bring spout to mouth
  4. suck water, quench thirst

IMG_0098.PNGAs I mentioned before, we’re still struggling with this particular flow of events. It’s not so flowy.

The Wonder Weeks says:

…Your baby will keep an eye on you more, stay close to you, and will regularly come to… “refuel” mommy or daddy…

But let’s not pussyfoot around. Leap 7 is unusually bad. I pick her up, she pushes me away. I put her down, she hugs my legs & whimpers. She’s gone off her solids, has upped her milk content again, she doesn’t want to fall asleep on her own… It goes on.

And the cherry on top? Baby Girl started a week early. So we weren’t mentally prepared. And we were ill & not on best form to deal with it. But I’m looking at the in app calendar & thinking ‘this leap apparently goes on well into January… How will we cope?!’.


The exciting part, however, is what this leap will help her master. For example:

  1. Answers simple questions like, “How big are you,” by raising her arms to indicate size.
  2. Points to things, people or animals if you ask her to or points where to go
  3. Tries to persuade you to help her with things she could have done without
  4. Imitates two or more gestures one after the other
  5. Tries to put on her sock on her own, but fails

These feel like huge milestones in comprehension & communication. We’ll get genuine feedback to what we’re saying, showing us she understands some basic language. (I would put any amount of money on the fact that ‘No’ still will have absolutely no effect. She’s her father’s daughter!)

The pointing has already started, mainly pointing to her sippy cup during meal times. (Which she then opens her mouth & tilts back her head like a baby bird as if to say, “I’m not doing it. You do it!”.) But it’s definitely a start.

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