Old MacDonald had a farm

On Saturday, we took Baby Girl to Stepney Green City Farm for the first time.


(We actually go to baby music classes – more on this another time – at Hackney City Farm every week, but we’ve been avoiding the animals waiting to go within the Other Half.)

I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks (kept having ‘to go next weekend’ for various reasons). But the Other Half was a bit skeptical. “Will she really have any idea what’s going on? Or are we really just going for you to see the animals?”

Given I’m very much a City Mouse & it’s him who’s the Country Mouse, this was simply met with a disapproving look. No more was said.

So we bundled Baby Girl up in her new Transformer suit (ahem… Snowsuit), pulled on our wellies (so country chic) & off we toddled.IMG_5032

Stepney City Farm was built on a derelict bombed site from WWII in 1979. In a strange twist in fate (strange because we now live so near but didn’t grow up anywhere near East London), the Other Half’s dad was a volunteer in helping build the original wooden shelters at the farm. He was living in East London at the time, though moved to Wimbledon before the Other Half was born.

We had a quick look round the Saturday Farmers’ Market in all it’s locally sourced, organic glory. There’s meat of every cut you could want to choose from, pressed apple juice, cheese, olives, sausage butties on the go, gorgeous looking veg, sourdough loaves, rye loaves, white loaves, brown loaves… The list goes on. It would have been much shorter to say, it’s small but perfectly formed. So go support our local farmers peeps!

We carried Baby Girl round leaving the buggy by the cafe so she could see over the fences into the little enclosures. (And also to avoid a muddy Bugaboo. See? City Mice.)

First was goats. She was peering over the side, craning her neck to see. She also jumped a mile in my arms when one baa’d. It was adorable.IMG_5030

The bunnies were sadly hiding in the allotments but the chickens & the pig were out to play. I say play; the pig was rather lethargic but still managed a snort which delighted Baby Girl. But not quite as much as me & her dad snorting at her!IMG_5031

But the chickens. Oh my. Baby Girl couldn’t get enough. Her little legs kicked, her arms flailed, her face was lit up like a Christmas tree as they fluttered around our feet. When we stopped for brunch (bacon-brioche rolls & the best rosti we’ve ever had. And we’ve grown up skiing in the Alps!) the highchair could barely contain her for all the excitement!

It was a drizzly, grey November day but it was a really lovely family morning. The Other Half was pleasantly surprised by how engaged with the animals Baby Girl was & we were both drooling over the little farm’s cafe’s menu. (& all only £5! Bloody bargain in London!)

Stepney Green Farm is free for all, as are all the London city farms, so there’s really no excuse not to go & support these brilliant spaces.

Find out where your nearest City Farm is & what events they have to offer here.



5 thoughts on “Old MacDonald had a farm

  1. Amyd says:

    Sounds like you all had a great time. We didn’t make it to our local farm this summer but I think I might look out to see if it is still open as I think A is getting to more of an age for her to appreciate it. I love the new snowsuit – very sweet!

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Pretty sure they stay open during the Winter, Amy. Most of them are run by charities so they have to to keep the donations rolling in. Hope you get to go!
      Apparently from 9 months old-ish, if you show your baby a picture of the animal, then show them the animal, they recognise it’s the same & get quite excited. We’re planning on going back & trying it out after Christmas.

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